What Are The Pros And Cons Of Unsecured Personal Loans? Find Here!

If you have too many small debts and bills to pay, you might want to get a personal loan to settle it all. A personal loan is an unsecured form of finance, which can be paid in installments over a period ranging between a few months to five years. The lender is not interested in knowing why you need the loan, so you can settle holiday debts, car repair bills or any dues for that matter. There are websites like, which simplify the process, and the application can be approved in a day. However, before you take the call, here’s a quick look at the pros and cons.

The pros

  • First and foremost, a personal loan is easy to get. There are usually no credit checks, and you can expect the money instantly after approval. For people who cannot wait for traditional bank loans, this is a great option.

  • Eligibility requirements for personal loans are pretty limited. You need to be of 18 years or above, must be a UK citizen and should have a stable job with a decent salary. You also require an active UKL bank account where money can be deposited.
  • The money for personal loans can be used for almost anything, and that’s a huge advantage. The lender is just interested in knowing if you can repay the loan, and the rest doesn’t really matter.

  • Personal loans are great for people who don’t have a good credit score. The loan is basically secured against your income, and in most cases, the credit check doesn’t matter. However, there can be certain exceptions to this.
  • You don’t need a collateral. Now that can be a big advantage, especially when you don’t have the choice of a bank loan. The loan application can be submitted online, and the money can be sent to your account in a day.

The cons

Well, personal loans just shift the debt from one concern to another, so eventually you will have to pay for it. Also, the interest loan personal loans can be high, which is something worth considering. You can extend and delay payments to some extent, but these options can be expensive.

Just check the repayment terms and conditions, which will be displayed on the website you are applying on. Make sure that you are capable of repaying the loan on time, and you should be good to go.

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