Why You Should Care About Houseplants

Plants are an integral part of nature and sometimes we disconnect a little too far from it. We have our lovely homes with air-conditioning and screens to keep bugs out, but maybe we should let a little nature back in. The benefits of doing so can change your life for the better. You do not have to start an entire garden; the benefits can be reaped from having a small succulent.


Plants can really improve the overall beauty of a home’s interior. It is no secret that the landscape industry is so popular because it does the same thing for the outside. When you take pictures of your home, it can increase the sense of beauty and even enhance other areas of your life. This can surprisingly extend to an online presence. Take a profile for instance like with Eyal Gutentag. If you take a photo with a houseplant in the background, it can improve the overall aesthetic, imparting a flourishing aspect to your demeanor.

Air Quality

We need oxygen to breathe, so logic would be that we should have as many plants around as possible. Their photosynthesis process is what gives us our breathable air. We exist in symbiosis with plants. For better air quality, let us open our homes to our green friends. Even NASA jumped on board with studies to see if house plants can help in space. If a space station can be improved, what qualities can we expect in our homes?

Remember, these are from cultivating a living plant, not just from putting cut flowers in a vase. The thought is to practice taking care of another living thing. While you may not be able to cuddle a plant, the companionship of houseplants can still bring a subtle positive shift in your home. Why not try it out with a new small flowering shrub today?